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SLAKE Brewing Co. | Super Sunset

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Super Sunset

Pale Ale

4.6% ABV


Fruity. Soft.

An easy drinking Pale Ale that is made exclusively with Ontario malts and some of our favourite fruity hops.
It's loaded with citrus and tropical fruit aromatics but is low in bitterness and has a hint of sweetness. It's sunset in a can! 



5% ABV


Spritzy. Aromatic.

Brewed with 100% Ontario Malt, this enigmatic Refresher sits somewhere between a Pale Ale and a Saison. It has light bubblegum and orange candy aromatics. Low bitterness and fairly dry. We carbonate it as high as possible in a can to give it a very spritzy and bubbly character. You'll like it!


Pale Ale

5.2% ABV


Bright. Citrusy.

At 5.2%, Hatch is a Pale Ale that packs in a lot of the hop flavour and aroma you would expect from an IPA, without all the alcohol.

It has a very soft and fruity aroma that leads into a fresh citrusy taste and finishes dry with a moderate bitterness.

Brewed with 100% Ontario malts.